Our Story

Casa del Niño began as a spark between two Montessori teachers who taught together in a Primary classroom. One of the teachers, Ms. Ana Mariela Barnes (right), was a native of Chile, with a background in business and education. After teaching public high school in Nevada, she earned her Montessori certificate and began teaching Primary education. The other teacher, Ms. Natalie Busch (left), was practically raised in the Montessori school where her mother worked! Natalie obtained her Montessori certificate at a young age and has spent the past 15 years fostering children’s curiosity about their world. Together, Mariela and Natalie formed an amazing team. After working together for a few years, they decided to open their own school. Motivated to give each of their daughters a bilingual Montessori education, and realizing there wasn’t one in the area, they opened Casa del Niño.